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JSA PhotoArts has moved from the studio to the field. We offer a variety of video services to meet many needs.

Video Recording Services:

     *  Wedding Videos
     *  Sporting Events
     *  Sports Promotion Videos
     *  Entertainment Videos
     *  Concerts and Performance Videos
     *  Event Videos

We tailor our service to your needs. All of our videos are recorded on professional HDV camcorders using tape and solid-state recorders. To get the best audio for your video production, we also have a audio equipment to allow us to separately record the audio - giving you the best in both video and audio. All of our work is post-processed using Final Cut Studio and recorded in DVD or Blu Ray format.

Our goal is to have customers that will want to use our services for years to come.

Video Editing Services:

     *  Mini-DV or Solid-state Video to DVD transfer
     *  Photo / Video Montage Production
     *  Audio / Music / Voice-over Incorporation
     *  Multiple Camera Editing / Post-processing

We provide post-recording services for those who have videos or photos that would like professional editing and DVD production. The cost for these services is based on what you need to have done and the time required to do the editing and post-production work.

When we do post-production (post-recording) work, it is very important to understand that we work to produce the very best video from what you have provided. This includes the blending/incorporation of multiple videos, photographs, and audio - selecting the best content and timing the video to the audio at the most appropriate times. We aren't simply slapping your videos together (unless that is really what you want) but we are producing something that will last and be enjoyed.


*  JSAPhotoArts was proud to work with, shooting the promotional video for Krista Kelly - a softball player from George Mason High School in August 2011.

*  The US Marine Corps Sunset Parade was taped in HD widescreen format using two cameras. The videos were combined to show the best of our nation's finest. We hope you enjoy the US Marine Corps. Sunset Parade!

*  The videos below shows examples of some of the different transitions and effects that we have used on various video projects. These examples are intended to give you an idea of our capabilities when it comes to producing your video.

Short Bumpers.


Christmas Video Bumper.

When not recording video for customers, we are producing a show for the Mongolian community in the Arlington and Fairfax, Virginia areas. These 30 minute videos play on Arlington Independent Media (AIM) and Fairfax Public Access (FPA) TV during the week and can also be found on the website on the right hand side of the home page.

The bumper below was made for UMonTV which is our public access show in Fairfax and Arlington, VA.

  UMonTV Bumper - Videos that use this bumper can be found on the website: While this looks simple, on closer inspection, there are 9 videos working simultaneously at any one time. Each moving frame is not a still picture but a video. Similarly, there are moving bars below the upper videos and above the lower video. Finally, the text has motion as well.


High definition (1080p) video is our preferred format, however, Standard Definition (SD) video is available. HD video offers superior quality but there are still many broadcasting companies (including AIM and FPA) that, while they broadcast DIGITAL video, they cannot handle the much larger HD files (which can be 20x larger than standard 480p).

Our Equipment:  This is how you know you are getting the best!

If you are interested in our video services, please contact me at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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