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Wedding Videos:

Our Philosophy:

JSAPhotoArts is the photography and video production part of the JSA-IS, Inc. We are a professional,  small company with an interest in producing exceptional quality video. Weddings are not new to us. In fact, based on feedback we received producing wedding videos for clients and friends (at their request), we have been told that we do not ask enough for our services.  We use video and audio equipment that allows us to obtain great video and audio while being unobtrusive - we want your guests focused on you and your wedding and not us or our equipment!

We are small and understand that it takes time to produce great quality videos. We plan our work so as to only tape one (1) wedding video per month so that we can maintain the exceptional quality in our video work. However, we do not feel that it is appropriate to raise our rate, simply because we want to do a great job. It is important to us that our customers get the very best for their money and that is why there are no “partial” packages, no videotaping “time limits” and we ONLY provide a completed wedding video - not raw footage. Limitations on time and parts of your wedding day not only cause anxiety on your special day, but make it difficult to produce the quality of video we would be proud to put our name on.

The Package:

Our wedding package includes:

* An introduction to your wedding video

*  Pre-ceremony coverage of the bride and the groom preparing for the ceremony

*  Complete coverage of the ceremony to include such things as the lighting of unity candles.

*  Reception lines, the throwing of rice, the releasing of balloons or doves,

*  The throwing of the bouquet and garter,

*  Wedding Reception coverage.

Other details we cover include your first dance as husband and wife, your best man and maid-of-honor toasts, the cutting and sharing of the wedding cake, guest interviews, and other activities that are part of your wedding day. We use multiple, professional HD cameras for your wedding ceremony so that we can individually capture the bride, groom, and others, giving you the best wedding video possible.

Rather than limiting you, we only ask that, if you know in advance that some of these events will/will not occur (or do not wish them to be part of your video), that you let us know so we will not plan to cover them.

Our Price: 

Since we own our equipment and do the work ourselves, our price is very reasonable. 

     Special Package Price - Only $2500

Please contact us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Sample Videos (before we started into HD):

The following sample videos were filmed in Standard Definition. We have since moved to High Definition 1080p which is significantly better. These videos are intended to give you a glimpse into our video capabilities.

The wedding video below was done at a friends request. It was made using a single camera - before we geared up for wedding videos. This video shows you how we work hard to deliver the best quality.

This video shows our high-definition and multiple camera capabilities. I hope you enjoy the US Marine Corps. Band.

The video below shows examples of some of the different transitions and effects that we have used on various video projects in the past. These are not wedding examples but are intended to give you an idea of just what we are capable of producing.


Please contact us about wedding video services at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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